Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls For Cross-Platform Ban Program

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Calls For Cross-Platform Ban Program

If that can’t happen, Spencer said he hopes to see a system that lets you bring a "banned user list" to a new network.

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo Executives Come Together – The Game Awards 2018

Shawn Layden, Phil Spencer, and Reggie Fils-aime took The Game Award stage together to celebrate the larger gaming community.

Watch more from the 2018 Game Awards here!
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5DyE_ghhJs &list=PLraFbwCoisJB6TA1YeojQMuJK7evujE6p &index=3 &t=0s

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Microsoft’s Phil Spencer doesn’t think Cross Platform play between Xbox and Sony will ever change

speaking to Gamespot at the Brazil Game Show, Xbox head Phil Spencer admitted that Sony may not ever change its policy, and that full cross platform play between Xbox and PlayStation may never happen.
Source: https://gamingbolt.com/cross-platform-play-between-xbox-and-playstation-may-not-happen-phil-spencer-admits

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Phil Spencer DESTROYS The PS4 With Xbox Announcement! Sony Fans Are Mad About Cross-Play!

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Phil Spencer Wants Cross Platform Ban But It’s NOT Xbox Place To “Virtue Shame” Activision Blizzard?

The cross platform ban things is the smokescreen, phil spencer is motivated by power and greed and will toss out the virtue signal to appease the petty wokist tyrants but in the end it’s all about gathering more data and more money

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